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May 1, 2012

People in customer service/public liaison need to know when to get someone to laugh…For instance, below is an email I sent out to a company we recently started working with(media work)

“Samantha…Thank you SO much for putting up with this man’s repetitive emails. Our Designer literally slapped me upside the head when I told him “Hi-res PDF”, in response to his “What are their bleed specs?” question.

Sooooo…To ensure I don’t get a red welt on my other cheek…What are your recommended/required bleed specs for a project such as the one you quoted us? Thanks a million.”

Unprofessional?…Some might say yes. But, I say in this case, it’s the magic key to an easier life.

1. I’ve talked with her once, and established her age, and personality
2. We will be throwing a lot of work their way, and there will be stressful moments…better to start off with a laugh, than with a cold shoulder.
3. I AM HUMAN…why not act like it.

As a customer service/project manage/PL/Admin, your job is RESULTS, and people will respond faster to someone they enjoy working with, rather than that old demanding grump. Personality is King. Stuffiness died along side “Life long careers”. Sure, there are times a professionally written email is required, and should be treated with the utmost care…but too many times we forget the current transition in generations. Good bye Baby Boomers, hello Generation Y.

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