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SEO and the CEO

February 18, 2012

Recently I started working for a company in Austin, as a Project Manager…it’s been fun so far! Though it’s only supposed to be 15hrs a week, I’ve been putting in more like 20-25. The learning curve is steep, but the work is challenging(that is Tom’s way of saying “Fun!”). Seeing we’re media consultants for many political and pubic clients, my SEO knowledge is being challenge ever day. Bit by bit, this hungry mind tries to keep things straight, as my boss (and the web) attaches a fire-hose of info to it. One very interesting article I came across of late was by Trevin Shirey called, An Open Letter To College Students: How to Study SEO in School 

The article gave me some hope, on my journey to getting to a point of workable knowledge…seeing, many of the things he mentioned about practicing, I’ve done, or am doing. SEO, is the online version of NLP…simple as that. And, that’s all folks…

Ok, I guess I should give you a life update…

1. I’m working 40+hrs landscaping

2. As the company’s small engine repair man, I’m putting in another 5-8 per week

3. The above mentioned media job as I said, is supposed to be only 15hrs…but it’s really taking about 20-25..


So…yeah…it’s a little busy here!




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