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The Walking Dead

December 27, 2011

Cold is the ground to both the living and the death, but only the living realize it even is cold. In Christ is life, and without our heavenly father awaking us from the dead, we will never realize how empty this world is. Like a mirage in the desert, we think we know what we are looking at, until the sunset, and it’s no longer there. When we feel the Sun on our skin for the first time, when our Lord awakes us, all we want is more (as we are drawn towards him, and away from the cold bitter ground). Sadly like me, many of us are uncomfortable with our feet ever leaving the ground, because it leaves us completely without control. Our King calls us forth, (breathing life into us) and as we struggle to our feet, we realize that we can get JUST enough of Jesus (aka Sun) standing with our feet on the ground, that we (in our fallen state) refuse to fully let go. As a soul piercing warning, our father proclaims “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will SPUE thee out of my mouth”-Rev.3:16

So, let’s just stop and think about that verse for a moment. Is Christ saying that he hates us ground-clingers that he has chosen and called his own, more than he hates the piles of lifeless bodies strewn round about us? What is worse than be given a chance to live, and deciding to just lie in bed for the rest of your life? NOTHING. Throughout my life I have had my ups-an-downs, and seeing I just came out of a low, I have rediscovered the joy of the Sun…and never want to be stuck in a shadow again! Join me my friends on this trip to the Sun. Let us encourage each other as we take wing on the life long trip to his gates, and leave this dreary world behind. The earth shakes with his power, and all those that decide to stay with their feet on the ground, will disappear under the bodies of those that were never had the chance to even feel the Sun, and all his glory.

Awaken my children and feel my life

I beckon you to glory, to stand by my side!

Haste on the wings of my gift so wise

Leave the bodies that lie and have died.

Upward soar like an eagle on the skies

Through the storm my light, will guide

Don’t look back, for earth is always hides.

To my arms I beckon many, but few reside

My prayer is that those he has beckoned will awake, AND reside fully in him. Let us not be the walking dead, but rather the eagles of the sky.


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