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What I’ve Done, I Forgive Myself…Have You?

November 11, 2011

Today as I sit in Starbucks sipping on my Cinnamon Dulce, What I’ve Done by Linkin Park comes on…Now, I’m not sure if any of you have listened to this song before, but if you haven’t, DO! Sit, is a darkk room with a VErY good set of headphones on(ones with a good bass), close your eyes, and let it take you through your life…WHAT REALLY HAVE YOU DONE? In your darked closets, in the very inner corneres of your mind, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?…I know that those dark moments are only between you and our father, but, I can’t help but weep at the thought of what I’ve done. I confess, I was and am a sinner…I struggle everyday with my past, and the deeds I wish I’d never commited…The lies, the lies to cover the lies, and the cloth I threw over my past. I have come before my heavenly father screaming, crying, begging, and pleading for his forgiveness…and yet, that shadow seems to look at me evertime I look back. And, that is wht I have come to understand…I look back. As Linkin Parks beautiful lyrics go…”I’ll face myself and CROSS OUT what I’ve become.” Now, I know I can’t erase my sins…That’s left up to God, and only he holds that power. BUT, though I can’t erase my sins from the annuals of heaven, I also can’t hold on to my sin/past, and take that amazing glory from Christ. A very good friend of mine told me (while talking about the tragedies that have past in my life), that we as individuals must look not to the past and bewail our mistakes, but rather must look ahead and plan our future, REMEMBERING that Christ is all powerful, and he has allowed the past to PASS!…AND TO LEAVE IT THERE! So, THIS IS  WHAT I SAY TO MY PAST…

For what I’ve done
I start again
And what ever pain may come
Today this ends
I’m fovgiving what I’ve done!!!”

Satan has no authority in our lives as believers, but also neither does out past…it has PASSED! As you go throughout your lives, claim everyday as the Lord’s anew…denying He Who will be cast into the firey lake, the momentary pleasure of seeing you struggle through out your earthly life. Taking dominion for the Lord God isn’t living through the history of our forefathers(thats already written on previous chapters), but rather writting the future of our children…Their present is our future. I challenge you to look to the future…live today as if yester-years never happen.

In the writting of this, I not justifying past sins, or saying it’s ok to sin, and than saying “oh, I’m a new man now…that was my past”…Repent, move on, and MOVE ON…

also…I didn’t spell check this at all(…what ever to all the grammar police).

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  1. Awesome post bro! I find that I have to remind myself of the Gospel every day. The real question is whether or not Christ died for all my sins (past, present, and future). If I really believe that, then I shouldn’t carry guilt. I should still recognize the insult that my sin is to the cross, but it should never lead me captive to despair. How far is the east from the west??? =)

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