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And they call me the Incredible Hulk…

October 25, 2011

…Not really, but, I’ve been called a lot things growing up, and many of them weren’t very nice. Out of all the things I’ve been called, accused of, pointed at for, or blamed, it so far has never been for NOT working hard. I’ve tried to live my life with the philosophy that:

1. You only have one life…and never go part way on anything…ANYTHING! Love like your heart is going to explode if you don’t. Fight like you alone stand between the devil and his final goal. And, never think you’ve reached a rest stop.

2. No one really cares about who you think they think you are, but rather who you really are.

3. Life is the hallway between birth, and Christ’s arms…and along the way, we get to paint pictures on the walls for those that come after us…have you ever seen a master of the arts with nice clean pretty cloths? I’d rather have paint stuck under my nails, and smeared on my face, and my brushes all worn out by the end, and have to use my fingers.


I could go on..but I think I got my point across. I’ve found living a life like this, is exhausting. It’s like getting hit by a freight train over and over again…with out a break…but, as the bibles says, there is a season for everything. Even, rest. Rest doesn’t mean we stop loving, or fighting, or painting…It might mean that we receive a kiss or hug, instead of being the one giving one…or raising our shield against a blow instead of raining down blows…or, stepping back to inspect our master piece, to ensure we’re communicating what we desire to.

With all that said, at this point in my life, I have recently gone through so many changes, I’m having to step back and breath in deeeeeeeeply….very deeply, to ensure I’m still facing the right direction, and painting on the right wall. I don’t know why God has me here at this place, at this time in my life, but he does. I’m 23yrs old and realized I’ve only really accomplished one REAL goal in my life, that I’ve had since I was a kiddo…and that needs to change. In the future I hope to delve a little deeper into what I mean by everything I’ve said above…but, bear with me. I’m a wandering soul right now, and will end at random points, and jump all over the place. BUT, I hope at the end of my life, if you take all my crooked turns in life, and all my stupid moments, and all my jumps from cliffs, they’ll all point down the hallway of life, to the door at the end that reads Heaven.


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