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Today is another morning in the life of a CP! Intern…

November 13, 2009

Meaning…yet another test today. As we speak there are 7 souls all thinking about what they’ve been studying…slightly nervis about the possibilities of what might be in the test that they are not ready for, the unknown! Like Warriors on the day of battle…even the veterans had a slight twitch in their eye. Those of us who as not so fortunate to have as many credits under our belt pray to God, “Oh Lord let us not get a hard test”. On Top of studying like mad men, most of us have come down with a nasty head cold…something else to keep in your prayers. Shawn should be dropping off Micah any moment now, then Shawn goes to one testing center, and I take Micah, Jason, and myself to another. I’m taking Principals of Marketing(the reading was to easy…and the practice tests aren’t clicking), I believe Jason’s going for Natural Science, Micah Western Civ, and I know that Aaron is taking Two! As for what the other are taking…it has slipped my mind.

Btw, Travis is in Mexico on a missions trip…if you could all keep him in your prayers as well.

Well, Toms going to get cleaned up, and start packing up for the morning of educational testing…then a day of work.

That you for the prayers, and God Bless.


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  1. Hope the test went well Tom! That’s such a bummer that you guys are sick 😦 Get Well Soon!! 🙂

  2. Jason permalink

    Congrats Tom! Testing’s fun, isn’t it…

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