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As the weekend draws near…

October 2, 2009

A quick announcement, today at 8am-noon I will be taking two tests. Principals of Management(a CLEP), and Business Math(my first Dantes). This is my first time taking two tests back to back, and will most likely be a decision point to see if this is something I want to continue to do. I was supposed to take Business Math on Tuesday, but I was waiting for my new DL to come in the mail(which now has), so though I’ve gotten to study a little more it’s actually made me study less intensely. Then I’ve got Principals of Management, and I really haven’t studied much for(that is comparison to what I’d like to give it). I’ve got 39credits, bout 1/3 of the Bachelors done. Once I take these two tests(pass/fail) I’ll be studying/taking a new test every week till Christmas.

A little about the internship:
Though it seems to be going really well, it’s extremely stressful…and thinks are definitely tight. If anyone would like to send me a note telling me about how things are going on in your life, I think it would pull my attention a little bit away from my stresses( just comment, and I’ll email you my new address. )

BTW, I’m looking at reviving the old update schedule. I’ve gotten into more of a groove down here in my studies. Also I’m thinking of adding a few new features, but have yet to do some research. If any of you have any great ideas about what you’d like to see more of, just tell me…I’m just mentally distant at the moment, so a pull back to reality would be great.

Love you all, and miss my homies up North in WI, and IL…and the hot weather really stinks here.

Tommy D.


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