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So, I know I’ve been a bad boy…who hasn’t updated.

September 3, 2009

Basic run down on life.

1. John Sauve(an old acquaintance from MI) has come down for a short time to work at CP!, working the same position I have. He’s now sleeping in the other room, so the bedding setup is (Room1: Arron, Jason, and Tom (Room2: Micah, Travis, and John. Though things are rather tight with 6 guys in a room, I think we’re working and studying enough to keep our minds off of the “annoying” stuff and just work through the “needed” issues.

2. We’ve redesigned the Cooking/Cleaning schedule to reflect the 6 guy layout. Also, We’ve seen a great increase in the cleanliness, and organization of the apartment in general.

3.  As for the College front of things… I’ve passed four tests in four weeks, and an now working on College Math(a rather hard test). I now have 33 college credits under my belt(a combo of what I’ve passed and what I already had). After talking with my Coach the other week, my plan is to have around 80-90 credits by Xmas Vacation. That would put me at finishing mid-spring of 10′ …..No guarantees, but that’s the plan 🙂

4. My Mercedes is running like a charm(thank you Lord).

5. …I’m getting used to the heat a little bit more :O…I know, it’s a huge shock!

I’ll try to upload some pics eventually, but it’s hard to take them while participating.


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  1. Nathan permalink

    You da man…keep up the good work. Cooking…I hope they keep you on the cleaning side of that equation.

  2. Hey man, I owe you a beer when you come up next!

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