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August 10, 2009

This past weekend was rather interesting. From getting pulled over by a cop, and the car getting searched for drugs, to people swearing to kill me if I shaved my head, to the awesome experience of learning to swing dance and two-step.

Friday: I drop Aaron off at the airport. Go home, and was going to study(HA!). Got a phone call, that took over an hour then…ANOTHER phone call. By that point it was after 930pm, and there’s an unspoken rule that after 10pm on Friday all you’re allowed to do it party(no school, no work). So…since all the other dudes were out of town , I decided to watch “Braveheart”. Not 20mins into it, I get ANOTHER cal…but this time from a number I didn’t know. It turned out to be from Aarons girlfriend that lives local. Her car had broken down about 10mins away,and asked if I could help…No problem, within 3osec I’d grabbed shoe,shirt,wallet, and keys, and headed for Travis’s car(seeing mine was getting looked at for a leak). There I am cruising down the road looking for Rachael…when…”wwhoooop, whooooop” a cops pulls up behind me!!! To make a long story short, the back lights weren’t working(thanks trav), and then the cop asked to search the car for drugs! After much talking and waiting, the policeman finally let me go, asking/commanding me to use the hazards while driving.  I FINALLY find Rachael, and diagnosed the car issue as “an empty tank” after a quick stop at the nearest gas station, it was on the road again, and back to the apartment to finish braveheart(plus a couple other ones).

Sat: Driving my car to the Braemers to get the leak fixed, then back to the apartment to show it some TLC(soon to upload pic). After much, much love(over three hours worth), the apartment was done, and Josh Kraemer(co-worker, one of those super smart IT dudes) came over to take me out for dinner…thanks bro. After that, it was paperwork and emails till late.

Sunday: Church with the Coghlans, at which I got to see Kaity, and Lyd for the first time since I left! afterwards I was asked to go pickup Micah who was at the Macias’ house(having gotten back from a trip). Well, I get to the Macias’ at they decide to practice some dancing for the upcoming wedding of their on Caleb. I have to thank the girls in that family for putting up with Tom as they taught me “swing”, and “two-step”. Luke and I even tried a little free style, at which I proceeded to try and to a front flip(haven’t done one in years)…and landed on my bottom rather hard. Needless to say, I’m freeing the effects of stupidity. After getting all tuckered out from dancing, we then watched “Dan in Real Life”(I think that’s what it was called), and “Psych”, plus we consumed some pizza and ice cream. Thank you Macias family, it’s exactly what  needed after that weekend.

Studying is going ok…not great, but not bad.



Prayer request:

All of us interns would not get tired or lazy in or studies.

Protection on each of us as we go about our day(Aaron, Travis, and Jason are all on vacation)

Wisdom as I talk with potential clients, to truly listen to their needs, and not just recommend CP! because I work there.

That all these Hospital issues would work out…and relieve some stress.

That I wouldn’t loose heart.


God Bless


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