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I had my first Coaching call!

August 6, 2009

So, yesterday around 6:15 I had my first coaching call with James Beeman. The idea behind having a “coach” is to help with keeping you on your studies, point out things you need to work on, and for general guidance through the CLEPing process…not to mention the spiritual encouragement they supply through the whole program too.

Last night we covered the basic who, what, where, why  and when.

I’ve decided to continue studying for the Psychology, seeing it’s something I can use in my degree requirements. I took a practice test last night, and didn’t do so hot, so I think I’ll put off taking the test till Tuesday(giving me the weekend to hit the books a little harder).

Travis, and Jason are gone of vacation already, and Aaron is about to, which leaves Micah and I the only remaining souls in the apartment :(…it’ll be that way for about a week. Well, I guess Micah and I’ll just have to party while they’re away! 😛

My little study hole

My little study hole

Good news on the Hospital front; I finally couldn’t take anymore of the Lowe’s run around, so I called up the regional office, and left a message explaining whats been going on. The next day, I get a call from the Regional HR’s assistant saying he’d talked to the RHR and was told to do what ever it takes to get the papers sent to me ASAP, and they’d be explaining to the local HR’s how to properly assist someone in this situation:) He(the assistant) was very apologetic, and said they’d be checking into why they hadn’t been sent to me already(the lady at my Lowe’s told me it was my responsibility to get it). ANYWAY, other then a little back and forth, it looks like every things coming together. One more doc from the state, and I’m all set with the papers I need.


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