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It’s now hit the two week mark since my arrival.

August 2, 2009

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have gone by since I left Wisconsin. In two weeks I’ve gotten comfortable at my new apartment, transitioned into my new position to work, made many new friends, and passed a 6 credit test. In this coming week I’ll be setting up my degree template, and figuring out an efficient study schedule. Living an an apartment with four other guys is definitely different, and has many interesting twists and turns on the relationship side…but it’s all fun, love, and laughs in the end.

Here’s some Pics from the apartment.

Then theres the pool

This is a glimps of what if looks like when we take it over late in the evening.

This is a glimpse of what it looks like when we take it over late in the evening.

…I’ll try to nab some pics of the office this week.

Some stuff you could be praying for.

1. Work in general, that I’d learn more everyday.

2. Studing, that I wouldn’t get sidetracked by other things in life.

3. My car is leaking oil, and this coming week I’m going to have a buddy look at it. pray that it will be a minor repair.


Tommy D.


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