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Day 3#….

July 23, 2009

I tell ya, I now that learning my new job is going to take a little while, and that I need to listen in on phone calls…but gosh, today I think Micah was going to kill me for “zoning out” so many times 😛 I’m also thinking of just buying a coffee pot that works for the office and the apartment(would make a lot of friends).

I picked up a pretty good book from the “shelf” at work Am I Making Myself Clear by Terry Felber. It’s a short be sweet read(finished it up before dinner)

It was Travis’s night to cook, and he made some killer Spaghetti. I’m just so glad I have sisters that can make cookies and junk food, cuz I’m not a super cook like the rest of the guys.

I’ve gotten through about half the “Analyzing & Interpreting Literature” book, on the first read. Going to read the rest tomorrow, and then write a summary, and take the practice test. Also, all the packages I sent myself in the mail arrived at Mom and Dads, so I’ ve got to get over there for those.

One last note,

If you all could be praying, I’m still trying to get the needed info to the hospital in regards to my surgery, but Lowe’s is giving me the run around. See, I need some info, and I can’t log on-line anymore due to my “no longer employee” status…but the lady I CAN get if from has be conveniently out to lunch, not in, or just can’t talk(and doesn’t reply to messages) for the past 3-4 days :)…and I even talked to the Store Manager, but he just told me “well,I guess you’ll just have to wait”…not very nice huh!?! I think he’s still sore that I left 🙂 Other then that, I’m staying away from to much sugar, and I’m trying to get a rhythm down on study/work/sleep/relaxing cycle.

God bless…luv ya


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  1. Annick permalink

    man!! I know how that is… trying to get much needed info out of people
    and they withhold it… Its very frustrating. They know they can help you, but won’t. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, its so good to have you abck again Tommy 🙂

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