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Countdown Day 2

July 22, 2009

Sorry about not updating yesterday…was out really late.

On top of the usual “Work day”, us guys when to Pizza hut for the Tuesday Special…mmm mmm good.


Micah worked on a article for a website he runs(I’ll throw up a link later today)

Aaron, Travis, and Jason did whatever…idk

As for myself, I was asked of to the Browns(Mrs. Coghlans Parents) for an evening of fellowship. Other then the Dog biting a hole in my pants(and a bloody leg), the evening was filled with many humorous events…From Counselor(aka Psychiatrist…which I can’t stand), and story swapping, to dinner table debate/one liner take downs. I didn’t get home till 1:30am this morn, but I’m back up and already when for a run, showered, checked email, and am about to hit the first CLEP book “Understand and Analyzing Literature”.

BTW, I so have to get a picture of my new car for you all.

and again…off topic. As I’m writing this, I’m watching Jason try to study while slowly fading into a coma of blissful sleep:)…cold water…?


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  1. Dan permalink


    What ever happened to the Marines?

    I thought you were going for Force Recon.

    Now you’re stuck in a boring office job again…

    Enjoy yourself, and BTW, “Peace brother”:)

  2. tommyfuncle permalink

    Yo bro…
    lol, yes I was planning on joining the Marines. The main reason was for the “bang bang, boom boom” training. After talking to many more people, I found out where I can go for the same level of training WITHOUT committing the rest of my life to our messed up government.

    Soooo…in the mean time, I’m going to finish up my degree cuz in the world of downturn, every little thing that separates you from then next dude is helpful. Hope to see you soon.

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