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Day 1…Count down.

July 20, 2009

Today was the first day at the new job. First I’ve got to give a rundown of Sat and Sun.

Sat. Fly down(have some funny stories from that for another time). Dad picks me up and we go out to the family’s ranch. Go swimming, take a nap, and then….go climb on the roof waiting for the local “wold hogs” to arrive. Sam, Jon, Phillip and I waited for about 2hrs on the roof of the barn with three rifles(ready to blow up kingdom come), but didn’t see a thing.

Sunday: Go to the Coghlan’s church, pickup toothpaste,shampoo, Deodorant…etc.

Head over to the interns apartment, and Got to meet to of them before I headed back to Mom and Dads for a night of swimming(and seeing the Marshals for the first time in a long time). I then get back to the interns apartment around 10pm., and stayed up swapping stories til around 4am!…yeah, it’s a good group of guys.

Today was a pretty “blah” day at work, seeing I’m just learning whats what. My official title is “Academic Advisor”, meaning…I call you,and answer any basic questions you might have(sort of like customer service-ish stuff). So, my “Co-Service” workers are Micah, and Luke(unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Luke).


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One Comment
  1. Hey Tom,
    Did you get starbucks with that coupon thing that happened this morning?
    I went in with the kids this morning too!


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