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56hrs, and i’m still up

April 27, 2009

Ok, I’ve gotten an hour here and there…but no more then that. The “Not getting sleep” does bother me, it’s the physical intense work AND no sleep. The flooring department is going through some emotional battles with but stupid stuff( I try to stay out of it).

BTW, our store “2545” is the 2nd best in the state, and usually hits in the top brackets in the region(comes at a high cost sometimes though).10:30pm last night!


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  1. Dawn permalink

    Get some sleep… we don’t want the next update to be, “Here lies, Tommy D who died of exhaustion.”

    Your beamer is still working! 😉 it just brought a HUGE smile to my face…

  2. A couple Monsters and a nerd or vozz or venom or rockstar oughta keep you in shape


  3. tommyfuncle permalink

    LOL…C.Z, I did have a Rockstar that morning…but I think I kept up with it all petty well.

    Dawn, I wouldn’t classify that as my “beamer”…that was more a zombie/insane/stupid looking me 😀

  4. Dawn permalink

    ROFL! well… whatever it was… still brought a gigantic smile to my face! definitely wasn’t stupid looking! 😉

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