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April 10, 2009

It’s an UPDATE!!!!!
I took that ASVAB test last friday…and scored and 88!
The average score is 45-55…so I’m extremely happy. The next step is to take the physical, but I have some paperwork before I can do that. Also…I’ve got to find out more info on Officers School, and find out what I need to do that make that an option. At this point the only thing holding me back is….my ankle(having injured it awhile back). I’m able to run on it…jump etc..but for how long is the key. At the physical I’ll mention it to the Doctors and see if they have a problem with it.


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  1. Dawn permalink

    WOW! Well I think everyone knows you are way above average! 😉
    still praying for God’s will.
    Glad to have an update and to know how everything went.

  2. You gonna leave Eth all alone up there? We’re losing Christchurch guys like flies, and I’m not trying to be funny.

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