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Lowe’s…Thats whats for dinner.

March 24, 2009

Ok, I had an interview yesterday for a full time position and a Flooring department Sales Specialist. It’s supposedly a very coveted job, do to the fact that only appliances makes for commission then us(maybe cabinets too). Anyway, I won’t find out what they’re going to offer me till later this week. I was informed that before Friday, I would be seeing a offer in front of my face. Other then that, life is life, and I wake up and go to sleep like everyone else. I’ll keep you all updated about the situation, as the days progress.


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  1. Dawn permalink

    can’t wait to hear that you got it, as I am sure you will! 😉

  2. Actually this is Calico Zak saying good luck!
    And guess what I was painting over graffitti for two days and then the next day they re-tag it X(

  3. We’ll be praying for you!

  4. Dan permalink

    We’re still praying for you. We want what the Lord wants.

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