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February 20, 2009

BBbbbbrrrr…It’s freeeeeeezing here. About a week ago, the tempter warmed up to mid 40’s(even moments of 50’s). THEN, over night it dropped! Now, I’m sitting here with nub fingers trying to warm them up by the fire at Panera. I had a rather funny incident happen yesterday. And here’s the story….

It was the end of the day at Lowe’s, and we were just finishing up Zone Recovery(closing down your department). I had finished Flooring, and was going to head of to Plumbing to help them out. I was just about to crack a joke with one of the other employee, when….”Flooring department please call 822, FLOORING 822!”comes across the loud speakers. Well, after setting down my stuff I take my phone and call 822, and this is what I hear “Plumbing, this is Jody…How can I help you?”.  I asked him what was up, and he goes “Where are you man?”. I said “Welllll, I’m in your department helping close…where are you?”. I hear a response “Ohhh…well um….I’m in Flooring…there’s a lady who wants advice in tile colors”.

Quickly running back to flooring, I find Jody talking to a customer(who I later find out Jody is helping remodel her house). Jody then goes “Susan, this is Chris”, and walks away. For the next 20mins, I was Chris. After being asked what I thought of 100 different tiles, she finally found one she liked(don’t know why she had to ask me). Then in the most amiable way she turns to me to say goodbye, and can’t remember my name. I was just about to politely say “Tom”, when you looked intently at my name tag, the spouts with confidence “THANKS AGAIN CHRIS!”. I just smiled and said it was a pleasure. The funnier part is that Jody(who’s been there for about 2yrs) called me Chris all night too(btw, Chris is 6’1″ 165lbs, and I’m 5’5″ 155lbs….and we look nothing alike). This event again stresses in my mind the importance of READING, and SPELLING…cuzzzz, it you can’t do both, then everyone is Chris!


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  1. Nice update Chris I mean Tom

    Maybe you look like a Chris

  2. Cris, oh I mean Tom,
    Sounds chilly up there. We have been enjoying some nice weather down here…….70’s……trying not to get a sun burn:-)
    We have all been sick, except mom and dad, how come the parents never get it? Not fair! Anyway we are feeling much better now……All State went great other then I didn’t get to play too much, I did alot of walking around the convention center, it was a good sounding group though.

    Well better go, have a great day!


  3. k, that was weird, it wont log out, but that was me, The Cap’n

  4. Ye Need Tae Update Matey

  5. ^,..,^ is a vampire and it will get you if you dont post!!

  6. Hey Tom!
    I would love an update:-)


  7. I think everyone would like it.

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