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….Or as the French say “such is Life”

February 14, 2009

I know I haven’t updated in forever, and there is a reason. I DON”T LIKE TO BE FORCED INTO IT!!!…it’s called being a second born(some of you know what I mean). Other then that, I just haven’t had the desire to update.

Work is going well, still part time, but my boss said she’d get me full time here in a week or so. My life outside work is usually filled with talking to friends, looking at blogs, going for jogs(when the weather permits), and general doing boring stuff. And no just cuz it’s Valentines, I’m not here to announce that there is anyone with that special something in my life. There are many near and dear to me, but at this moment God has called me to be single…and when that changes, I’ll be sure to tell you all. I’ll THINK about updating you more, but at the moment I’m signing out.

This is my update, small though it may be.



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  1. cool very happy to see you posting
    and I understand…..

    But i dont care thats just me

  2. being that i have three little brothers

  3. Tom,

    Glad to hear you are alive and well. Will pray about the job being full time. Life is mostly made up of stuff most would consider boring “its not what you have to do , its what you get to do”. It’s all in the attitude. Cheer up life is pretty good.


  4. Hey friend!
    I like these posts much better. I never really read any of the lowe’s stuff, may be because I get jealous feelings raging inside because I don’t get to be at Lowe’s everyday smelling wood like you do. Wood smells so good. I’m trying to decide what smells best, Lowe’s or Home Depot. What do you think? I just ate 3 peices of pizza. I’ll probably jog. Yesterday I jogged after I ate two bowls of Kashi cereal (oh man! That stuff is the boom chic a woom woom)and I barely made it. I manned that mile out though, haha. I started watching the lady and the highway man, it didn’t exactly strike my fancy, unfortunately. ooh hugh grant. what are we going to do with him and those teeth of his? don’t they seem a bit crooked? instead of putting the mask across his eyes, he should have done over his mouth, haha. just joking.
    so you’re at work right now, i just know it. not because I have any special spiritual gift that tells me where you are and when, but because you told me :]

    I should do something productive, laheetreote eesh!

  5. did you ever comment on my new post?
    yeaaah. you should. you are my fwend and all.

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