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Some pics of Lowe’s

January 22, 2009

Here’s some pics from Lowe’s. We’re not allowed to bring the phone onto the floor, so these were taken during my break.


This says I can now drive any of the Forklifts in Lowe’s…SCARY, I know!


A note John and I received from or Zone Manager(she managers several Dept.). Right after this note, I had several of the managers come up to tell me how glad they were for my hard and diligent work.


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  1. haha! hey… that card looks familiar… Dad has one! 😛
    so i am assuming you didn’t run into anything with the forklift. haha

  2. Pam (from orchestra) permalink

    You’re in Delavan??? A good friend of mine lives in Elkhorn! If she is in need of flooring I’ll be sure to send her your way. 😉

  3. Nice!!!


  4. dude your mom.. permalink

    i’m go darn tired. i should head to bed. i really wanted you to see those videos from tn but she actually just sent pictures so that was pretty lame.. i have to email her back and get the actual videos on the mountians, you’d love it. plus i had old funny southern gospel music playing as we drove so that made them even better. you need to visit sometime. joshy boy and i would have so much fun with you. worship was amazing tonight, i really want to learn this guitar so i can get really good. i kind of made up a song. i wont sing it for you though but it was kinda cool, the lyrics are anyway 🙂 do you ever feel this overflowing protection from God in your life? i feel it so much lately. almost like God lets me out on a bungy cord to show me things and gives me this bit of freedom and draws me back in, because it isnt something He has in store for my life. i know all this post is, is random weird stuff but i dont really care. your awesome, did you know that?
    everyone should know this. thanks for being a good friend too. i don’t tell you that enough. i’m glad i met ya. even if we don’t agree on all things i know that you and i have edifying conversations and build eachother up like bro an sis’s in Christ aught to do, and i’m ever so thankful for God allowing me to have met you. God’s awesome like that 🙂
    talk to you soon, love always -kayla ..

  5. dude your mom.. permalink

    yeldah cantena

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