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Oh mine Panera!

January 9, 2009

You know you’re spending to much time at one place, when all the employees know your name. I walked in to Panera yesterday, and one of the ladies goes “Good morning Tom, how was work yesterday?”. Then this morning one of them asked why I wasn’t in the day before! This is my home away from home. I’ve claimed the couch as my area, and fo far no ones dared to take it:)

Me beginning to fall asleep

I was getting soooo tired when I took this picture.


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  1. lol! that is funny… 😛

    man you look exhausted! 😦 get some sleep! 😉 maybe you could doze a bit on “your couch”?

    SuperANGEL 😀

  2. Amber Armstrong permalink

    why do you spend so much time at Panera ? They should dedicate the couch with a goldname plate for you 😉

    love ya !

  3. kayla permalink

    nice sweater.

  4. but I think I like the ear phones better. yeah…I do.

  5. I feel sad when I look at this.
    because you look sad. & that makes me sad.

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