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When you get bored in a car…

January 1, 2009

What happens when you’re in a car, and bored…and theres a camera on your phone.



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  1. ROFL! love the hat! 😉 you are a riot! 😀

  2. A. Powers permalink

    Please tell me that you are not driving while taking those pictures.

  3. Mr. Yen permalink

    Ah, Lowe’s finest on his way to work…

  4. Hey Tom,
    Whats on the design inside of your hood?
    To me there looked like there were little harps………….maybe I’m just being delusional though! Upside down little harps??

    Harp girl Hannah

  5. tommyfuncle permalink

    Amanda- Yes, most people think I’m a riot…and if they think I’m not, then obviously there’s something wrong with them;)

    Abbe-uuummmm….. hhhmmm…uuuuhhh…well… OK,OK I confess! I did take those pics while I was driving:P Thats just me!

    Mr. Yen- I wouldn’t call myself Lowe’s Finest, but I’ll take “Lowe’s best”…Just joking.

    Hannah- Yes, those are little Harps on the inside of my jacket. It’s a trade mark for a company……I’ll leave it at that.

  6. well…. i don’t know… i have seen some of lowe’s worst… so you definitely qualify for lowe’s finest! ROFL!

    you are SUCH a multitasker! 🙂

  7. Hebrew girl. permalink

    hmm. those posts are so mundane. interesting posts are way more fun, i’d have to say. though i am shocked to see goofy photographs on your blog.

    i wanted to know, you said “It’s a trade mark for a company and i’ll leave it at that” i’m thinking no, I think you should make a blog post about this company. could it be a bad company? hmm. maybe if it has harps, it is a biblical store where david would shop at after he killed goliath. theres a radical thought!
    If that is the case, i must know where you got it from, so i can walk around with a sweatshirt that has 700 wives imprinted into it representing david’s flawful side. one side could be harps, and the other the 700 wives. kind of a shirt that expressed davids pros and cons. not a bad idea.
    -the educated and fun hebrew girl

  8. Sweet hoodie.

  9. Dawn permalink

    I think some photos being posted are long overdue… 😉

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