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December 30, 2008

Only one or two more days of training, and I’ll be able to hit the sales floor!


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  1. is it hard or just learning the ropes? are you excited? 🙂

  2. tommyfuncle permalink

    Training is mostly on stuff I already know, but I still have to watch all the videos (even if I know the answers to the tests). Its certifications, regulations, and safety training. Excited is relative. Jumping up and down…NO! Enthusiastic about working again…YES!

  3. yeah! I meant are you excited about working again! 🙂 so did you decide on the vest or apron? 😉

  4. Thats wonderful! keep us updated!


  5. DUDE! you changed your design! Totally love it! 😉 the black, blue and gray are too cool!
    SuperAngel 😀

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