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Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

December 16, 2008

As you all know I went for my last two interviews LAST Monday, but what you don’t know is how they turned out. Other then there being a misunderstanding about the time I was supposed to show up, they went GREAT. God has such a sense of humor, because the first of the two interview was done by a gentleman from a family of 10children (and he was number 5 just like me), and the second interview was done by a gentleman who’s in-laws are Elders at his church (my brothers in-laws are Elders at mine). Though the first of the three interviews took over an hour to complete, the second and third took 30mins for both (first was conducted by a woman, the last two by men…hint hint). On Friday they called me with an offer (not exactly what I wanted, but I can work with it for now), and on Sunday I accepted it. Yesterday I had to go in for a drug test, which has to be sent to a Lab so they can confirm I’m not a druggy. The projected time for my first day of work is Monday the 22nd, but that could change. Other then that, I’ve been working with my brother on installing a new laundry room for his wife so that the appliances aren’t in the kitchen. Oh yeah….our church is having a Christmas party, and I’m “Supposed” to be practicing for it (singing and viola playing).


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  1. tommyfuncle permalink

    The pictures are the before and after of the remodeling project my brother and I worked on over the weekend.

  2. The pics look nice!

    But wait – your first day of work is the 22nd???? Does that mean you won’t be able to be part of the “Messiah” trip downtown? Bummer. If something changes, let us know and we’ll save a ticket for you.

    But then, if your job doesn’t start this week that means you have more time to practice. RIGHT? 🙂

  3. very nice

  4. Glad to hear that you got the job! Is it the one from Lowe’s?

    Do you hire out for construction? seriously? we have an addition we have tried to finish for almost seven years now! it has been a hassle… Don’t ever go with a contractor that is a friend! 😐

    I have that SAME washer and dryer! LOL! they work nicely which is wonderful for me since I do about 6 loads of laundry everyday!


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