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November 21, 2008

For crying out loud, give a guy a break! Actually, please don’t…I need to be hit in the head once in awhile. So, I’m a rotten, good for nothing, lazy scallywag of a Funcle? Tell me something I didn’t know. Like, I have a job….which I don’t. Not this week, but the week before my boss showed up at our office to inform us that three of the top sales guys had left with tons of client file. That they’d be taken to court, but how our lovely legal system would drag it out. In the meantime, 6 of us employees were getting laid off (seeing the company can’t support so many, after loosing a third of its clients). SOOOOOOOOOOOO, Tommy Funcle is jobless!!!! Personally, I better never see those!*@)%$^ that made me loose my job…cuz this farm boy might just get medieval on their hinny! I am currently looking for a close job that isn’t terribly demanding, so I can work on my Bachelors. I have a couple possible, but nothing of firm guarantee yet. Again, I apologize for the delay, but I haven’t exactly been in my normal state of mind!


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  1. Here Tom I’m going to hit you! BAM BAM WASH BIN! There you go do you feel any better.


  2. E Canfield permalink

    Hey Tom – What are you getting your Bachelors in? Good luck trying to find a new job! E

  3. awww.
    Now you made us feel all mean heartless, and cruel.
    Don’t worry, we still love you.
    (especially since you’re not dead) 🙂

    all your Fakelings
    The Boy,

  4. man! sorry about your job. I will be praying that something comes your way!
    at least we know you aren’t dead! 😛

  5. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    Still praying for ya. Being out of a job is never fun. Hope you get something ever better than you had !!!

    Love ya,

  6. Hey Tom,
    still praying that God will bring you the perfect job and you will be able to finish your Bachelors! btw… what are you studying for? 🙂

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