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November 5, 2008

OBAMA IS PRESIDENT, AND I’M MOVING! I don’t know if I can live through four years of insanity! I think I’ll move to Israel or something.


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  1. You and the family down here!
    Lets go……… to Israel! I’m game!


  2. Well Tom it will interesting to see how God uses him(Obama) to draw us closer to Himself. We definitely wont be expecting Obama to save our country and will have to keep our eyes on God.

    Israel might be a viable choice. Keep us posted. Your Dad said years ago that it might come to this, but until then pray like your life depends on it because it really does.


  3. we have thought about that too… of course… who knows if he will make it to the inauguration or through the presidency!

    so are you serious? 🙂

  4. Mexico is not far away for us…….. Dad in TX

  5. Aha! I have decided to take over Antarctica… Would you like a smow drift? They are free with a $10 purchase.
    You must reserve your 3 years in advance of moving there, so that we don’t upset the penguins…

  6. I’m with you Tom on there. I’m moving to a Antarcitca too. I’ll be on the south side. what side will you be on.

  7. you survived 8 years of Bush didn’t you?

  8. you know, I like your photo. It ACTUALLY let me see it… hahahaha….;-)

  9. why does MY comments need moderation?? shouldn’t it be YOURS… pfff 😉

  10. Had to check out the Life in a Shoe Funcle… presumed dead.

    Glad you’re alive.

    Even more glad that your first post proving you’re alive is one I totally ‘get’. We’re checking out Canada… but I’m a GRIT and not sure I could do those low temperatures. Keep us posted (that means blog) on where you land.

  11. Ok, wait… just realized why they think you’re dead. You posted that 13 days ago. Well… maybe you’r en route to Israel.

  12. i think people think you have moved already since no one has heard from you in ages! 😛

  13. Pooooooooooost!! Are you dead or did the world blow up and I no hear about it!! 🙂


  14. kayla permalink

    u need another post, church. :]

  15. Dawn permalink

    this is becoming a reality for us… moving to Israel is being heavily considered to happen in the near future…

  16. jai ajouter ce site dans mes favorie. ma revenir c sur

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