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Thank you everyone….

October 23, 2008
So many felt like an oven!

So many felt like an oven!

 Thank you everyone for making this birthday so special!


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  1. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    Ha,ha ! I’m surprised you didn’t burn the house down 🙂

  2. WHOA!!! Are there more than 20 on there or something???!!! Happy Birthday, Tommy!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Tom. Hope you had a great day.


  4. Hannah C. permalink

    They actually gave you twenty candles!!! That is impressive. I don’t remember if I got nineteen candles on my cake this past birthday..but I think they didn’t want to give them to me. 😦

    [I wandered over from inashoe, by the way. And the reason I am over there is because I have seven sisters and a brother..and somehow I found the inashoe blog, and was of course interested.]

    Anyway, I hope your birthday was/is wonderful. 🙂

  5. Sorry I’m Late Saying Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. I didn’t make it special.

  7. Why do you moderate your stupid comments? I’m not going to cuss you out, and if I did, it would be funny!

    You’re almost shorter than the cake! OOOHHH, my bad! 😛

  8. tommyfuncle permalink

    well you little booger….for your info, now that your “moderated” you have free reign.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful day! 🙂 I just celebrated my 19th on Sunday. Someone posted me a comment that said I need to out the fire from my candles. haha… and you have one more than me. LOL! 😉

    I stopped over from Jeremy’s blog btw.
    have a great day!

  10. How come you haven’t posted in 11 days!?
    Btw Happy Birthday. 😉
    -Fake Nieces

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