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My Update

October 23, 2008

So, it’s a tradition in the DeL household to get your breakfast in bed…on your birthday. I decided that this tradition was a very important thing to start ones day out right. As I lay in bed on the verge of waking up, I realized I didn’t have anything for breakfast. After thinking hard about the situation, I remembered I had half a package of pop-tarts still in my bag that I take to work. Leaning out very carefully, I was able to grab my bag, retrievethe pop-tart, and thereby enjoy this years breakfast in bed. After breakfast I got a shower, and dress to go to work. On arrival at work, I was greeted with many cries of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. I was then informed that the company would be buying Lunch…and a Culver’s icecream cake!!! The Boss then showed up for a meeting, and annouced I was getting a RAISE!!(I think this was one of the best B-day ever…other then missing you all in TX). While this was going on, my email and FB was beeping constantly with glad tiding of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. With work finished, over to Erbers I went to enjoy a delicious dinner, and a wonderful cake(thanks Jess, and whom ever helped)…..Oh yeah and before I forget, when I opened the Erbers frontdoor, a pile of ballons cascaded out to me(kinda flipped me out at first). The table was decorated with awesome streamer and ballons(thanks Jan…I know Corrine wanted to make sure you did all the streamers). and the happy birthday sign on the door was GREAT(thanks Josiah for all the help). After cake came the presents…which included a shirt, a book, icecream, and my favorite…a froggy steering wheel cover(gag gift). Now with the fun over, and finishing up the dishes, our men’s study group started. After that I went home, cleaned my room, and am now typing this up. So, that was my day….and thanks for the Bday wishes:-D

Special thanks to the Erber family for having me over, and sending me those 50 or so emails! You all are so wonderful, thank you for all the hard work and good food.


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  1. Sounds like you had a good after all!


  2. How wonderful to get a raise and love from so many people. Isn’t God good !!

    Miss you and glad you found a way to still get breakfast in bed.



  3. Yay for the raise!!!! Now maybe you can buy some other really neat accessories for your car… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

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