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October 13, 2008

Hey is the new Tom mobile. It’s a 86′ VW Golf GTI. Luke and I had planned on going out Friday or Saturday to look at cars..and when FRI rolled around. Luke sent me a text to tell me that all but one of the cars we were going to look at were sold(and the one not sold was this one). After a regroup/strategy phone call, we decided to go out Friday afternoon after work to go see this golf. I called the kid who owned it and asked how low would he go. Well, two weeks ago he wanted $1,200, one week ago $900…and then I called him talked him down to $700. After driving for like 45min(out in the middle of no where) we showed up, took it for a test drive, hhmmm’d and hhaaaaa’d, and then I turned to him(Johnny that is) and said..”will you take $650?”. After saying some words that little kids shouldn’t know, he then said “FINE!”. So into my new golf I hop, and drove it all the ways back to V’s. Saturday morn found me on my way to V’s to “tuneup” my new baby, after replacing the oil filter/changing the oil, checking the brakes, and this and that, it was time to go the Webb’s for one of the final Paintball games of the yr. I stepped into my car, turned the key, and nothing happened. We’ve diagnosed it as a clogged fuel filter, so it doesn’t seem that bad of an issue. Luke and I will be working on it later this week, so hopefully I’ll be driving it by the end of the week. Thanks Luke man, for all the time you’ve helped me this the car stuff.


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  1. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    Quite the car ! You weren’t kidding when you told me about it. Sorry we couldn’t meet up with you. I’m sure we’ll be back in Chicago again soon. We had a great time with Dan’s relatives in Naperville. Hope to see you soon !

    Love ya,

  2. Great choice Tom. Just don’t drive her too hard as she is about as old as my mercedes and old girls need to be babied. How many miles does she have and what is the interior like? If you don’t want to say I’ll understand.


  3. Good deal Tom.

  4. Eugene permalink

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  5. Nice! This car definitely has the looks! 🙂

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