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September 9, 2008

There is a new member in the Tom Del Household…..Can you guess what it is?


It isn’t breathing.

It’s Metal.

It’s very strong.

AND…..Mr. Yen will be happy for it’s arrival.


First Place goes to the first person to guess it right(before I annouce it)…

The person with the funniest/most out there comment gets Second Place.

 And the first person to comment on the Annoucement post, get third place.



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  1. uhhh . . . totaly no clue lol … hmm it’s either got to be a car or a pair of dentures! 😉

  2. A motor cycle/moped?

    I have no clue!

  3. elizabeth b permalink

    hmmmm…let’s see here… a golf club? a car jack? ofcourse the first thing that comes to mind, a vehicle of some sort? oh i got it! a sword? or maybe a helmet? oh wait now i really got it….. a super strong heavy duty giant magnet!?

  4. Nathan permalink

    I know what it is…

  5. tommyfuncle permalink

    BRO…..WATCH YOURSELF!!!….I’ll delete it!

  6. It is a music stand!!!


  7. “Mr. Yen will be happy for its arrival” kind of gives it away… doesn’t it??

  8. tommyfuncle permalink

    Maybe……maybe not:)… didnt guess!

  9. it’s definetely a music stand!

    Your Bro Sam

  10. Joseph permalink

    Yep, I agree its a music stand.


  11. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    I’m voting for the music stand…..and BTW, you didn’t post the answer 🙂

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