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My life in a little update

September 3, 2008

SO, I sure many of you are wondering what I did this past..and I’m sure some of you don’t really care(because the only reason your on here is to get some gossip:P) Well, I’ve got a little for both. And before I forget,I also worked!


Monday of this passed week the “Yesterdays Edible Breakfast Doritos, With Vegetables Chamber Group”  got together for a practice at the Erbers house. Though we were missing a Violinist(Dawn Beatty), we had a very productive practice. Sorry, but I don’t have any pics from that practice.


Tuesday, I cried my eyes out…Because Erbers left for California, and that meant NO MORE POOL!!(Erbers this is just a joke, and I do miss YOU)…Oh yeah, AND I WORK!

Wednesday I did something!AND I WORKED

Thursday…… I did SOMETHING…..AND, I worked.


Friday I worked, and then that night I went out with Josh Erber, Justin Kelly, and Daniel Hill to the batting cages. I’ve only played once in the passed couple years, so my swing was like a rusty old gate…..with no hinges!


SATURDAY!!!!! Now that is a day to remember! The church/members of the church held the annual Softball tournament at Milky Way Park. I was on the best team, and though we didn’t win we had a blast. The only pics I have from that are from the family game afterwords….some how all the other ones got deleted:(

A really good blog to go for pics is  She took some really good ones.


Sunday was church and then a music practice afterwords….THAT WAS TERRIBLE. Probably because we were missing the Erbers and the Beatty side of the program. After church, I went over to the Hills house to celebrate Justin’s “Gotcha Day”. We played Volleyball, ate squid, talked about China vs. Taiwan, tried to play a board game, and my favorite thing to do at their house……sit around the bonfire, and just talk(or not).

Monday came back around like a bat out of hell…and bringing with it Labor Day(I don’t in anyway mean to connect Labor day to hell). Over to the Strands you would find me, playing a game of Cranium, watching fireworks, and shooting guns! Thanks Strands, for having me over!

If I thought Monday was bad, TUESDAY brought WOOORRRRRKKKK!!!!!! That’s right, the load of receiving payment from clients, talking to irate customers, and sending out letters has just begun! For the next three days, I will be dodging the bullets, and bailing out the water…not to mention living through stories I’ll tell my kids in years to come.


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  1. Glad that you all had a productive practice on Monday!

  2. Hey Tom! Thanks for the update…..sounds like your pretty busy. We are too………….extremely busy!


  3. Nathan permalink

    They were not “golf” pitches! I was told that we were playing cricket.

  4. Justin permalink

    I won’t debate the whole “best team” argument except to say…… lost!

  5. Tom,
    Nice to hear about your week. Look forward to hearing about this week.
    We are getting busy down here. Looks like we may have a chance to get some music going with some other local families. We are all grateful for a chance to do things together.


  6. Sorry to hear that life was so rough while we were gone. But we’re back again – if that makes life any better! Not sure you want to use the pool, though… kind of chilly!

    See you tomorrow,
    The E’s

    BTW – Thanks for the warm welcome home! 🙂

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