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The update has arrived!

August 19, 2008

Soo… is the update of my life from the past week or so (at least highlights)

Friday I went over to the Strands(like I do every Friday evening) except the Erber kids came over too….And we played a game called Cranium, and had a pretty hilarious time.


Then Saturday I didn’t get any pics, But I laid 4000sq.ft of VCT…..In an AutoZone.

Sunday I was at church, and then went over to Erbers….

That’s their house through the trees…..


And then tonight while Mom and Dad(N&J) were busy, I took care of the Kiddos in my room. You have to understand this is a big deal for them(seeing its the forbidden room when I not home).


And then we all had to try on Toms “Bad Man Mask”(at least thats what they call it)


And then sit on Toms bed, listen to music on his computer(they got to pick if it was a girl or boy singing)… and play with 3 soldiers from his old army set. They were in seventh heaven, because this is something theyre only allowed to do once in awhile.


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  1. Love Toms “Bad man mask” on Win! So funny:-)

    Sounds like your busy!


  2. Looks like you had a fun time. I remember watching the kids last year when we were living there, they are so cute!


  4. The Cap'n permalink

    Cranium huh? I had a fun game of cranium a few months ago!

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