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August 4, 2008

OK none of you can get that mad at me! I had planned on uploading a video as part of this update….and after spending the time to put on together, my internet starts acting up and it won’t upload. I’m sorry, but obviously God doesn’t want you to see it right now:-P



Sooo, since my last major update these are just a who things I been doing


  1. The most important one is my new job……yesterday I just received the official paperwork from my test. So now you’re talking to a licensed insurance intermediary (the legal name for agents). My new job if from 8:30am-5:00pm, which is much nicer then the hectic schedule that I had with Nathan and Jer.


  1. I’ve pulled my Viola back out of the closet (actually it’s usually been at the end of my bed).  We’re (a group of about 7-8 players) working on some Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and Hayden. Ethan Webb and I are talking about writing out some parts from different pop/classic songs we really like. It feels so good to be playing with a group again.


  1. I’m attending church membership classes


  1. I’m part of a study group…..where we get together and work through a book


  1. I’ve been helping my brother’s brother-in-law work on his new house (he married earlier this year).


  1. Though I’ve been trying to run every other day, my bad ankle doesn’t always permit it.


  1. Other then all the above, I read, write, and talk to myself just about the same amountJ





Captain….tell them girls……I never break a contract

  1. Thanks for the update Tom! It was good to “see” you today;o) The powers of web cams.!
    Have a great week…………and try to update!


  2. Wow! You finely did it!!! Great job:) Keep it up.

  3. The Cap'n permalink

    Hey tom,
    ya know that part on your blog where it says…

    Jul Hey you all…..:D

    and the next post says…

    Jul I apologize…..

    I’d call that at least a week.

    And yes, pointing out other peoples mistakes is my sole purpose in life! ;D

  4. Hey Tom us boys just started a cooking blog! it’s comment so we know you came.We need to web cam sometime!

    Your Little Bro

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