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I apologize…..

July 31, 2008

wow, it’s been way to long since I last updated…….SHAME ON ME!!! tisk tisk…….Oh well folks, you better get used to it.

I did pass the insurance test two saturdays ago, with flying colors. So, I am official an insurance agent(no this does not mean I’ll be pestering you for business). My new job is……different. I’ll try to snap some pic tomorrow, and then try to upload them(though tomorrow I’m going over to Yens to practice music after work… it might not happen)


Keep me in your prayers, as i figure out all the different thing involved in my new job…..and how to best serve my bosses



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  1. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    Thanks for the update ! Hope you have fun practicing your music stuff tomorrow.

    love ya !

  2. hey,
    sorry for leaving that chat so suddenly.
    i was about to lose my computer privileges for seven years!

  3. Justin permalink

    Congrats on the new job!

  4. thanks tom

    you know what happens if you don’t??

  5. Tommy permalink

    BIG DEAL, We don’t really care about your computer time Mr. “Captain”! Got it?

  6. Sorry I did not go on after lunch I was busy

  7. J.Rug. permalink

    Well, I guess later, is better than never. We know you’re still alive(very funny). Congrats on passing and will pray that the Lord will give you wisdom in your new job situation.
    Some pixs would be great!


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