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Attention Blog Hoppers!!!

July 8, 2008

Starting tomorrow(and through all week), I have classes for my new job. That’s right, my new job!!!….your probably thinking “who in Sam Hills name could he be working for now?”. Well to make a long story short…I’m getting my Insurance license because I have taken a job as an independent insurance company’s office admin. yep that’s right, Tom the “oh so active” outdoors guy is taking an office job. This came as a surpise not only to you all, but also for myself. There was many things that added up to this event, but needless to say I’ve got a new job.


And NO, my brother did NOT fire me…..nor did he “let me go”. He and I talked about the opportunity for change, and it so happened that when I jumped I hit on sometime the first time out.



I covet your prayers, as I first sit through the classes this week, and then also for starting the new job next week.

  1. I’ll be praying for ya!

  2. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    Very cool !!! Glad to hear you’re getting back into some of your business stuff. I’m sure you’ll love it, you were always good at that stuff. We’ll be praying all goes well. I’ll give you a call sometime now that you have more regular hours 🙂
    love ya,

  3. Dan and Amber Armstrong permalink

    oh, forgot to mention we ran into someone you know…Josiah Blocki ring a bell from Whitherspoon ? Anyway, he is working for SSI and he just got married this past spring. Dan ran the media track for the SSI summer program where we ran into him. Small world !

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