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The Times on Tuesday….

July 1, 2008

I published an edited copy of news that I found rather interesting, concerning Capitol Punishment.

Isn’t it amazing how so many times we put rapists and vile people in prison(for a time)…….Instead of killing them like the bible says!!!! And then we act all surprised when out of nowhere, this recently released “law breaker” REPEATS THE CRIME FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!

Yes, yes I understand the significance of these statement…………But Let me ask YOU a question.

If you had the power to stop a vile, evil, wicked rapist from harming a child EVER AGAIN……would you let him scott free( or with only a little time sentence)? Or would you sign the papers for him to receive the punishment GOD commands..?


It’s scary to even think about all the different offenders that are released from prison, who will return to their acts of destruction within the week.

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