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June 27, 2008


Family Pictures from all the years…..

family 05\'this is is the family pic, from Jan 05′(taken up at our lodge in the U.P.) 

The orchestra

This is another family I am/was apart of(the orchestra). I can’t tell you what it was like, to play in an orchersta. After sitting next to someone every week( and sometime twice a week) for years, you learn to love them for who they are(or hate them for eternity:) So, this is my family….take’um or leave’um!! But remember we come as a case not as an individual entity!!

Family summer of 05

this is the family photo from the summer of 05′

the summer of 05

The orchestra Pics from the summer of 05(above)….My father,bringing the music to life(the best conductor in the whole world)(below)


my Grandparents on my moms side(my grandpa passed away in early 07…) I MISS THEM BOTH VERY MUCH

Grandma and Grandpa Mihualik


Family photo from the SAICFF of 05″(lots of fun memories that trip)


  1. I can see this one………..

  2. The last few we can’t see. Only the first 2.

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