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Annoucing Future Post Scheadule

June 25, 2008


Below is the official Tommy D, post scheadule. I was trying to think of what to write about( and not just the same thing, like “I’m working”), when this thought crossed my mind!!! Why not have a different theme everyday?!?!?! So here it is….. 




THE SHEADULE…………………………



Mondays Movies and Music…A review on movie scenes and music


Tuesdays Times…What’s in the news, and things you might not know


Wacky Wednesday…Comedy, laughs and more laughs


Thought Through Thursdays…Articles, and personal thoughts


Family Fun Fridays…Childhood stories, pranks, and sibling fun


Serious Saturdays….Books I’ve been reading, sermons, and other people’s articles


Sayings Sundays…sayings, quotes both bad and good, and bible verses




I will do my best to keep up on all the post, but I’d love to hear from you(it tends to encourage me to continue, and I’d love to hear your thoughts)



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  1. OH! I’m might be a little scared about reading Fridays post :0) Just teasing!
    Sounds like a great plan…………looking forward to it:)

    Your little sis,

  2. Amber Armstrong permalink

    I like the daily specials 🙂 We’ll look forward to checking up on you daily and see what new and interesting things we find. The jokes are great !! Gave us a good laugh for the day. Grandma is out gardening today but I’ll have to show her your updated website plan.

    Love ya,
    Dan, Amber and soon to arrive Ashleigh 🙂 (at least at some point!)

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