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Finishing Spy Bar!

June 13, 2008


For the past couple weeks I’ve been working on a “wood flooring/tiling” project, and finally she’s finished. Yeah we still have some touchups to do, but that always happens. This bar is unbelievable, it has has 15 speakers in a 10ftx15ft space(the dance floor). We mosaiced more then I ever want to do again:) The thing I love about longer projects, is the interaction with the other trades. On this project there was two carpenters named Tom and Sam, and they were hilarious Itialians.


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  1. Joshua Rug permalink

    Sounds pretty sweet! Are you going to get to test out when it’s all done??(the speakers and the dance floor) Hahhaa Glad to hear you get to work with Italians………the Mexicans down here…Ahhhhh……there’s way to many of them!!!!! So, it’s going to be a slow week, maybe you’ll be surfing the web at more sane times of the day;)
    B.T.W. Is this a picture or video clip? I can’t see it here…I can’t figure out why? If you want, you could send it to my email.

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