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Answering the Q…..for Britt.

June 13, 2008

Ok about a week ago Britt commentedhello! Maybe I should know this, but I don’t actually…what are you spreading all over the floor? Looks quite interesting!J” This was in regards to the one video where Nathan and Jermy were putting dark “stuff” on the floor. Well Britt, when you finish a wood floor first you sand it (typically multiple times at different grits). After sanding comes the stain, which is what Nathan and Jermy were doing. It is not usually applied that thick, but the project owner wanted a black floorJ. Finally urethane is spread on the floor. A fine grit sanding is usually done in between the second and third (final) coat of urethane.  Though most people might think applying the urethane is the hardest part, staining is the key to a beautiful floor. If you can’t lay the stain out even, your floor will look like a kindergartner did it.  Thanks for the Question.


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  1. Thank you, Tom! Makes much more sense now… 🙂 I pray you are doing well!

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