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The Battle………….Are you ready?

May 22, 2008

Well I haven’t felt like this in a long long time. It’s the feeling that I’ve stuck my head in an ice cold bucket of water, and am finally returning to reality. For the past two years I’ve been thrashing in a world of disaster desperately trying to breath. And with the whole world in a blurry state of confusion, I now am having it come back into focus. Despair and desertion of life’s battle is not an option, but rather it tells me to push on harder and faster. But before I continue to rant and rave, Let me backup and give you an overview of who I am .


My name is Thomas Michael DeLadurantey, but you can call me what ever you want (even late for supper). I grew up in a world of many siblings, and lots of healthy physical work. Don’t get me wrong, my parents not only made sure we grew up to be hard workers, but they also were very particular about the books we read and our writing skills. You’ve heard the saying “you need to be a reader to be a leader”, well in my fathers opinion it really is “he who can not write, can not lead”. So with that in mind you won’t find it odd that at 13 I started writing editorials to the local newspaper, and at 17 was picked as a part of a group that wrote special articles for the paper. Writing is in my blood, and is something I can’t run from…………….no matter how hard I try. All my siblings write, and most of them are outstanding in their ability to communicate through the pen. Starting about 1 ½yrs  going towards 2 years ago, I put everything on hold…….from music, to writing, college, to martial arts,…..pretty much everything(except for maybe breathing).  But my recent move up north, I’ve spent many hours thinking of my past and the things I’ve been through.


After growing up in the circles I did, it isn’t abnormal to think 5 years ahead of your age. I look around at the people my age and I wonder, will I ever find someone made for me? Will I have to wait till I’m late 20’s like some of my friends? How many kids will I have? I know this sounds totally stupid, but hang with your buddy Tom for a little longer. I’ll break down what I’m trying to say (seeing I haven’t written anything terribly long in over a year)


As a Youngman of 19, I’m coming to the realization (more every day) that many of my friends are “just living life”. Unfortunately/fortunately life is a battleground of ideals, and does not wait for lazy boys who never grew up. Everyday and every moment counts, in the training, reading, writing, and exercising as a warrior. Though if I got a quarter for every time a Youngman agreed with me then turned around and acted like the biggest stupidest jerk this side of glory, I’D BE A FREAKN MILLIONARE!!! I do pity those foolish young men, but I also see their failures as an opportunity for me a stretch myself the opposite way. If you’re a Youngman between the ages of 10 and 21, let me ask you a few things.


When was the last time you read a strictly theological book? Last night? Last week? How about last year?


Have you ever written anything that’s been critiqued by anyone else then your friends? How about sending something to a small paper? Remember, the first step is the best step.


There’s tons a great courses that any age can take to help work on their writing, public talking, and memory skills. Have you tried any?


Is there a skill/trade/profession that you’ve always wanted to know about yet never looked into? Maybe its time.



What I’m trying to say is that I see 16 years olds (even some 20s yr olds) who chase girls around, and they can’t even put a “but” after a “,”……..It drives me crazy!!!! To be counted as a man, one needs to be able to communicate like a man, and not like “well, dude, I was like so into the feeling with you on the maturity like thing”. I don’t want English professors, I just want MEN! I want to know that when I step on to the battlefield with arrows flying by me, and see the enemy with his hoard of blood thirsty men, I’ll have a friend to stand shoulder to shoulder with. And that when I shout the battle cry, I know I won’t be singing a solo. Don’t you……. see we are the few….. the proud……. we are the future of Christianity.


Back to my thought earlier…….I won’t be worrying about who I marry, or when, or will I be a good dad. WHY? Because, I’ve got enough to work on without that issue to sweat over. God is in control, and when I’m ready he’ll open the doors easily enough. My advice to all Youngman is to, study hard, work hard, and to know who your friends are, because they’re going to be the ones backing you up(nor not) in life’s battle. 



Stand Strong

Thomas DeLadurantey


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  1. Calico Zak permalink


  2. With a few changes, I could say I wrote this! 😉
    You are so right and it is really sad how some young people are just so immature!

    You have a great writing style and I am hoping you will continue your writing, because I know you have some wonderful opinions and insights to share! Looking forward to reading them!
    Come on Tom! Write, boy, write! 🙂

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